The workshop will be closed tomorriw, Thursday, due to unforseen circumstances.

And the dog pissed in the boat.

I serviced this Luvias a few years back.

I used the 'More Better Grease' back then.
Opening the reel this time there was no evidence of grease in the gears.

It's a very good grease but by the looks of it the reels may require a bit more regular servicing to maintain grease content in the gears.

I wont stop using it tho. It is very unique and has its place in the grease line-up.

Taking a slightly different approach to the pinkies this week and trying out a few different things.

Light 20 & 40gm bottom meats and weighted ganged hooks in the stronger current areas.

Flashy triple bait assists with a bit of glow and UV enhancer in them for the unweighted drift baits.

Just to try something new and see if it does make any difference with my fishing method.

This is what I like doing to new reels.

Pull them apart and correctly lubricated and seal the frames. 
Trying to stop water access as best as is possible and protect parts that are exposed to salt.

Also known as PRE-SERVICING.

Todays job.
6x JMs
5x Stellas

Rod blank clearance.

Limited numbers only $50 each.

Only 10 blanks in total at this insane pricing.

1x Live fibre 2kg
2x Live fibre 4kg

Cash and Carry ONLY.

Cutting the washers off is a pain in the butt.

Punching new washers for a few Alvey 650's.
SOOOOOOO much smoother than the originals.

A pair of Saragosa 5000's pre-serviced and spooled.