Services include:

  • complete dismantling of each reel
  • components are cleaned with a grease dissolving solvent
  • components experiencing corrosion are run thru an ultrasonic cleaner
  • the reels are then reassembled using a selection of high quality lubricants

Reel Repairs:

  • all repairs depend on the age of the reel and if the parts are still available

Reel Modifications & Upgrades:

  • upgrade to carbontec drag washers
  • upgrade ball bearings to high grade stainless steel or ceramic hybrid
  • additional bearings can be added to some reels
  • convert reels from HG to PG or PG to HG
  • numerous handle knob conversions
  • hydro dip your reel frame

With my experience that stretches back to the early 1990’s, I can offer you the best personalised service at a competitive price

Price List
Spin Reel (low to mid range)
Spin Reel (high end)
Baitcaster Reel
Baitcaster Reel (high end)
Smaller Overhead (not including 2-speed)
Med/Large overhead reels, including 2-speed reels (up to 50W)
Game reels 80 & 130
Baitrunner reels
Pre-service varies
Mag Seal oil change
$12.50 - $22.00
Electric reels
Drag washer ultra smooth polishing - for light tackle game reels
Hydro dipped finishes


  • All prices are labour only and spare parts are extra.
  • Spare parts may not always be available.
  • A FREE local pick-up and delivery service is available.
  • Postage is via Australia Post and is extra to the service provided.